Pub&Restaurant in Casatenovo

The brew pub you were looking for

Fabbrica Libera, a brew pub where you can taste our draught and bottled beers.
FABBRICA (factory): because we want to be a real factory of beers, ideas, delicacies and events.
LIBERA (free): it’s the name of our beer. Free because we want to give you a real product, independent and handmade

The brew pub is in an old factory made cozy by the rustic interior design with a prevalence of wood. It’s an easy and wide place, overwhelmed by two enormous structures that let the beer be the main character of the scene. The counter is made by hundreds of beer steins e a part of the beer machinery – boiler and filter – is exposed to the customer’s sight, completely covered in copper. The place moreover offers a wide veranda for the summer season.

A trip between sandwiches, stuffed focaccia bread and fine street-food for al those who can only enjoy a fast break, hamburgers with tasty sauces served with French Fries, selections of cold cuts and cheeses, second courses for the most refined customers and pasta for groups of friends.
The grill is always hot to serve delicious beef cuts with a great Himalayan pink salt and the pizzeria offers the chance to choose among four different doughs that may be matched to any kind of filling. Pizzas may be wholewheat to add a bit of rustic taste, made of Khorasan KAMUT flour, light and with no yeast added, “partenopeo” inspired to the Neapolitan tradition or with the traditional “00” flour.
Finally, for the sweet lovers, our patisserie is free to satisfy you with typical and particular desserts, made by our pastry chefs.